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Transformational Leadership

Unlocking Leadership Potential Across Your Organisation

Organisations are now in a permanently turbulent change state, the days of the status quo are over. Transformational leadership is the most effective response; it effectively positions you for the future and increases your capacity to deal with the challenges of today. Unfortunately, many organisations are still over-managed and under led, with no real process for developing leadership potential.

Structured Training’s proprietary leadership framework 4SL™ is a practical, scalable tool for really energising your leadership potential. Our  4SL™ course can be run for a senior management team, a whole level of management or even for every manager in the organisation

Organisations would benefit from 4SLeadership™ who are trying to:

  • increase the performance of the organisation through more effective leadership
  • create a more self confident management population around their responsibilities as leaders
  • develop a complete leadership vocabulary for all employees to measure their managers and their own leadership contribution against
  • balance operational management responsibilities with being much more effective leaders
  • create a management cohort which can deliver a much more high-impact,  coaching based leadership style
  • develop increased accountability and ownership within the middle management cohort to enable them to carry through real change within the organisation

What Our Customers Say

"We have been successfully working with Structured Training for a number of years around a variety of different development needs.

Transformational Leadership is very much part of our strategic agenda as we look to build further on our significant growth over recent years with our exciting strategic plans. Structured Training’s 4SL Leadership Framework™ is an excellent tool to connect people with their leadership potential.

Structured Training’s Transformational Leadership Programme has been a real stimulus to this growth and is helping develop our managers into real leaders of the future."

Director – Market Leading FTSE 150
Business Services Company

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